Maridah’s Saber

February 23, 2010  |  Blog, Cosplay, Otaku

I still remember when i first check out the OTACOOL 2 entry on, i came across Maridah’s Saber & I actually pause for awhile to look through the cosplay photos, They were just awesome, I actually kinda like the hair, It’s just so much resemblance to Saber in the anime.
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We have Maridah’s Maid Saber, I mean Come on! Isn’t it just awesome!
I have to be honest people, Maridah’s Gorgeous. =D
Check out more Maid Saber photos over Maridah’s FlickR.
Looking forward to more Saber Cosplay from Maridah.
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  1. Ah… I’ve seen the normal Saber cosplay before.

    When I scroll down and saw the Maid Saber I literally let out a ‘Holy Crap!’

    REAL GOOD! This is stunning!

  2. The first time I saw her was at Fanime ’09 and that really took my breath away. I wish I had more time back then, that is kind of why I am going back.

    Awesome, and just great work!

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